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Eastern Oregon Filmmaker Residency 2021
They came. They Saw. They Wrote

Dig In Magazine : VIDEO Interview with 2021 Residents


A month-long program for writers/directors to get designated time and space to work on feature-length screenplays. The goal of this 4-week program is for artists to walk away with a draft that has the potential to be produced in Oregon in the coming years, and for attendees to learn about resources and opportunities available to them for film making in this region. Most importantly, this is a dedicated and focused time for writers to produce work in whatever form they see fit. Unlike most artist residencies, this is specifically geared toward filmmakers!

The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs

Why Eastern Oregon?

Residencies are a sacred time and space where creatives have a sole mission: write and develop their ideas! It’s a step away from inevitable commitments and distractions in life at home, and an added purpose of creation that can be difficult to conjure when left to ones own devices. A successful residency combines ample solo time for deep work with a surrounding community of fellow artists to share goals and missions with. The EOFF Residency is unique in that it is specifically targeted toward filmmakers.

Just like that – they came, they connected, they wrote, they enjoyed. #eoff2021 #filmmakerresidency #eoff…

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2021 Cohort