Eastern Oregon Filmmakers Residency Wraps Second Program, Establishing Solid Connections for Future Success

As the Eastern Oregon Filmmakers Residency in La Grande, Oregon nears its end, the resident artists have soaked up the creative vibes while staying at The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs. With just a few days left, they’ve poured their hearts into writing, collaborating, and perfecting their projects. In between their creative pursuits, they’ve indulged in healing waters, embarked on culinary adventures, and ventured into the diverse locations of the region. This incredible experience has not only built strong connections but has also laid the groundwork for future productions in Eastern Oregon.

The Residents presented their explorations and work at HQ on May 24, wrapping up this year’s Eastern Oregon Filmmaker Residency. Alex Bush shares details of their project “Thaw”.

Embarking on a journey of connections and explorations, the group has been immersing themselves in the breathtaking beauty and cultural richness of our valley since their arrival on April 30. They have ventured to remarkable destinations such as Summerville Stables, Growiser, Morgan Lake, Pendleton Underground, Union County Museum, while engaging with local veterans groups, individuals, and community members. Additionally, they have fostered connections with organizations like Oregon Film, Oregon Media Production Association, and even joined the vibrant atmosphere of La Grande Farmers’ Market, supporting local merchants along the way. 

Local and regional benefits have been realized through the residency program. Now in its second phase, it continues to make a significant impact on the creative landscape. Notably, the production of the feature film “Breakup Season” was brought back to this area, underscoring the profound inspiration experienced by the participating creatives. Throughout their residency, this group had the opportunity to experience the diverse culinary offerings of numerous local restaurants. Furthermore, they engaged with the rich cultural scene at La Grande’s esteemed creative venue, HQ, where they were treated to captivating performances by guest musicians such as Sundog (Alaska), Mós (Boise, ID), and James Dean Kindle and his Country Combo (Pendleton, OR).

Acclaimed Writer/Director/Producer Jim Cummings enlightens the Cohort on maximizing resources and understanding the crowdfunding process.

EOFF actively tackles production challenges in Eastern Oregon by identifying and addressing potential hurdles. By establishing strong relationships with industry professionals in the Portland/Metro area and other thriving locations like Southern Oregon’s Film Community, EOFF raises awareness of our region as an untapped visual landscape. Additionally, EOFF aims to cultivate a reliable production crew network to support the residents’ potential projects. Moreover, the festival staff goes beyond connecting these artists with influential industry figures and producers; they actively engage and foster excitement about bringing film productions to life in Union County and the broader Eastern Oregon region. 

This program has been made possible thanks to the amazing support from our partners, Roundhouse Foundation, Eastern Oregon University, Oregon Film, HQ, and The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs,  as well as the generous contributions from The La Grande Arts Commission, Praise Photography and many individuals and local restaraunts who donated to the Feed a Filmmaker Fundraiser.

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EOFF is excited about nurturing a group of partners who will help secure the future of this program and take it to new heights, contributing to the growth of the independent film and media industry in Eastern Oregon. We’re passionate about building a vibrant community that supports filmmakers and media professionals, and with your partnership, we can make it happen! Become a Friend of the Festival or drop a one-time contribution here: