The La Grande Summer Film Project is back!

What is the La Grande Summer Film Project? From August 1 to August 16, aspiring filmmakers and creatives will descend upon La Grande to craft captivating, fun and unique cinematic experiences. Your business has the opportunity to shine as a location in these films, receiving unparalleled exposure while supporting the arts in our community.

Participation Sign-up

Sign up using the form below to be included in this year’s exciting Summer Film Project. Participation is available for all ages, we will be looking to build team leaders and core groups from these participants. Share your interests and experiences in the form and then look for more communication by our staff!


Project Sponsored Locations

Why Sponsor the La Grande Summer Film Project?

  • On-Screen Stardom: As a sponsor, your business will feature prominently in the films created during the project. Imagine your storefront or establishment becoming a part of La Grande’s cinematic history!
  • Visibility & Recognition: We’re committed to giving our sponsors the recognition they deserve. Your business will be prominently featured on our website, social media channels, and promotional materials, ensuring a strong local and online presence.
  • Credits in the Spotlight: Your business name will be proudly displayed in the credits of the finished films, making it clear that you played a significant role in bringing these cinematic creations to life.

Purchase the sponsorship package for $150.00 with the button below and we’ll follow up to collect your logo and location details.



Mar 24 – A lot of backend logistics in terms of fundraising efforts, equipment organization and facility scheduling. Be sure to sign up for participation and you be getting some formal project announcements in April.

Feb 3 – We are working to lock in our special guests for each week of the event and we’ll update you (if signed up) and above once locked it.


We’ll be posting FAQ’s as they come up below.

Can anyone participate?
Yes! The more the merrier – part of the challenge and fun of this project is working to include everyone into roles they are comfortable with participating in! We are excited to get our young adults involved and hope to give them, along with many others the same shared learning and creative experience.