10/17/2019 –
The festival now 1 week out! Preparations to outfit our sponsor venues Wine Down and Beckie’s Studio of Dance are in their final stages, as well as a (much needed) tidy and decoration happening at HQ! Festival attendees can look forward to new curtains and updated sound in the screening space, as well as a fresh art installation from local artist and EOU Alumni Lucas Cruz.

If you haven’t purchased your pass yet – be sure to do so, either here on the website or in person at EOFF Headquarters. If you have purchased your pass – Good Work! You can look forward to another year of thoughtful, fun and engaging programming throughout the festival schedule. Your passes can be picked up at HQ starting at Noon on Thursday October 24th.

Lastly, thank you. EOFF is a labor of love, and we couldn’t make it happen without the ongoing support and dedication of our community. Sponsors, volunteers, filmmakers, friends and attendees come together every year to make it happen, and that is what makes the Eastern Oregon Film Festival so special. EOFF is a beautiful reflection of what a community can create when working towards a shared goal and vision. We are all proud to call Eastern Oregon our home, and working together we are able to bring this festival to life. We should all be proud!

We can’t wait to see you all at the festival! Come sit with us and watch a film! Come dance with us at an after-party! Come grab a midday snack with us at Wine Down! We’ll be there, and we hope you will as well.