Eastern Oregon Film Festival

The off-season is packed with great programming, engagement, creativity, and community. Applications can now be submitted to our Eastern Oregon Filmmakers Residency Program and we are on a mission to be great hosts and help feed the selected cohort this Spring! Consider donating $15 or $90 to our Feed A Filmmaker Fundraiser.


A graphic promoting a Filmmaker Residency Program in Eastern Oregon

A month-long program for writers/directors to get designated time and space to work on feature-length screenplays. The goal of this 4-week program is for artists to walk away with a draft that has the potential to be produced in Oregon in the coming years, and for attendees to learn about resources and opportunities available to them for film making in this region. Most importantly, this is a dedicated and focused time for writers to produce work in whatever form they see fit. Unlike most artist residencies, this is specifically geared toward filmmakers!

Feed a Filmmaker Fundraiser

Check it out! Filmmaker & Residency alumni Nelson Tracey brings his project to Eastern Oregon for production in February!

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