Known as the BC Ramblers, (for Brandt, Boyer, Champe and Cobler,) the group plays traditional Bluegrass music. The Ramblers have played together for several years (sometimes as a 5-piece group with a fiddle,) at various events around the Northwest.

The band members are Duane Boyer and his son, Jason (Brandt) and daughter, Holly (Cobler) and Brett Champe, who is also a
second-generation bluegrass player. (His father is Rollie Champe, a fixture in the Northwest Bluegrass scene.) Boyer started playing
Bluegrass as a student at Eastern (Then known as EOC), and has been teaching guitar and banjo at the college since. His son Jason, on
guitar, was bitten by the music bug several years ago at a Bluegrass festival; although he had grown up around the music, it wasn’t until he was an adult that he decided he needed to learn to play. Holly, in contrast, has been playing virtually all of her life, and plays bass with the Ramblers, although she plays several other instruments as well. Brett Champe is also a multi-instrumentalist, but primarily plays mandolin with the BC Ramblers.