Methods Body

Methods_BodyMETHODS BODY (Portland, OR, USA) creates original music for modified keys, drums, and electronics using self-made tuning systems, involuted polyrhythms, and the cadences of language.

Together, Luke Wyland and John Niekrasz have been pushing the bounds of rhythm and melody for more than a dozen years. Their duos, AU and Why I Must Be Careful, have been lauded as groundbreaking and breathtaking.

Methods Body builds on the non-traditional tunings of Terry Riley, the experimental energy of Silver Apples, and the refracted electronics of Aphex Twin, while creating a musical language completely their own.

Both Niekrasz and Wyland are idiosyncratic innovators on their instruments and use performance as an arena for legitimate connection and energetic exchange. As performers, they attune to each other with great zeal, building waves of subliminal melodies and deep, uncanny grooves.

Methods Body’s first full-length album (forthcoming in 2019) is born from long-term composing and recording sessions held in old-growth forests and remote deserts.

Afterparties are free to pass holders and festival members. $10.00 general admission.