Fronted by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Travis Ward, Hillfolk Noir’s peculiar take on traditional acoustic mountain music is filtered through a half-century of folk, country and rock ‘n’ roll and fed by an affinity for medicine show culture and Depression-era string-band blues. The band calls it Junkerdash, which has multiple definitions up to and including “psychedelic swamp-shack rags.” However, if you’re looking for something neat and tidy to place in or casual conversation, feel free to use current music-journalism parlance and call it “indie folk.”

It’s raw and blatantly unpolished; the sort of music one can imagine being played in the backyard or on the doorstep. It’s the immediacy which is appealing.”
— Marsh Towers (UK)

A unique inhabitation of trad mountainy music – an incandescent car crash of blues, medicine show sensibilities, country and rock ‘n’ roll
— Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio 3