2023 Wrap: Celebrating Successes and Charting Future Paths

As we reflect on the remarkable year that was 2023, we are thrilled to celebrate several milestones that defined the Eastern Oregon Film Festival’s journey. Our commitment to advancing the cinematic arts materialized in significant achievements:

Feature Film Production Breakup Season:

We proudly embarked in the support of producing a feature film, a testament to our dedication to fostering creativity and supporting filmmakers in bringing their visions to life – and doing so in and around The Grande Ronde Valley. This project not only enriched our community culturally but also boosted the local economy. Attracting professionals from Los Angeles and Portland to spend weeks in La Grande created opportunities for local businesses and strengthened bonds with our creative community. The film will have its Oregon Premiere in La Grande in the coming months.
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Filmmaker Residency:

Our commitment to nurturing emerging talent reached new heights with the successful delivery of our Filmmaker Residency program. This initiative provided a supportive environment for filmmakers to explore, create, and collaborate, further solidifying our festival’s role as a catalyst for artistic innovation. Look back on the residency: Eastern Oregon Filmmakers Residency Wraps Second Program, Establishing Solid Connections for Future Success

The next residency program will be held in 2025, with applications opening in the Summer of 2024.

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14th Annual Eastern Oregon Film Festival:

The pinnacle of our year was, of course, the 14th Annual Eastern Oregon Film Festival. We celebrated outstanding films, engaged with passionate audiences, and strengthened the bonds within our vibrant community. The gathering occurred October 19-21, and the success of this year’s festival was a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the shared love for cinema that unites us all. Highlights included having another milestone year in submitted works and visiting filmmakers.

Anticipating Next Year’s Excitements:

As we eagerly anticipated the future, our enthusiasm was fueled by the exciting prospects on the horizon. In the past year, we were thrilled to launch the ‘La Grande Summer Film Project,’ a dynamic initiative designed to not only bring the enchantment of cinema to our community but also to nurture and grow our own local filmmakers. This project represented a unique opportunity for us to strengthen the threads of our storytelling fabric, forging deeper connections with our audience in fresh and meaningful ways. As we embarked on this cinematic journey, we eagerly looked forward to showcasing the fruits of this endeavor during our monumental 15th Annual Eastern Oregon Film Festival to be held October 17-19 2024.

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival is not just an annual event; it’s a dynamic force that propels us forward, fostering creativity, community, and a deep appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Join us in propelling the festival forward, breaking new ground, and celebrating the boundless possibilities of cinema in Eastern Oregon. Your support makes a difference, and together, we can continue to build a vibrant community that appreciates and embraces the art of filmmaking.

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The EOFF team also wishes to extend gratitude for our growing list of partners and especially these major supporters of our programs.