Yeah Great Fine (Portland, OR)

Venue: Benchwarmer’s Bar & Grill

Yeah Great Fine. Something we all say when we just don’t care. Perhaps a comment on the general malaise of our generation (ourselves included). Mostly, an ironically spiritless label for a band that is anything but. Yeah Great Fine was born, like many bands, of a shared practice space and newly found free time, but also of a desire to create something new and vital.

“…I think this is the type of music that a lot of musicians and bands try to get to, but are caught between sounding like they are trying too hard, or are just being to hip/apathetic and aren’t quite there. These guy, in my opinion hit the mark. A mix of prog rock, math minded balance, pop-punk edging, and true inspiration.” – Cory Burnsed (Boy Meets Music)

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