Sun Blood Stories

Sun Blood Stories

Sun Blood Stories is a mass of harmonic noise distilled into occasionally delicate, but always haunting songs. The band is comprised of three (3) equal members: Amber Pollard, Ben Kirby, and Jon Fust; this current arrangement is the realization of a sedulous refining process that has guided them into trio form.

Sun Blood Stories has been called “high desert psychedelia,” (thanks Wolvserpent) sonically compared to early Pink Floyd (thanks random patron at Hogan’s), and flatteringly referred to as “Neil Young in a cave on acid.” (thanks Talkative).

Sun Blood Stories is dreamy, aware, personal, open, fuzzed out, and loud af.

“Sun Blood Stories appears in trio form while still maintaining full orchestral textures that guide you on a journey through that space between wake and sleep. Alternating between ghostly, heavy, and goofy, this album creates a solid vision from the opening note to the ending laughter.”