Sons of Guns

Eastern Oregon Film Festival will kick off Friday night’s after party with La Grande’s own
Son of Guns. The band has just released a new album ‘Oregon Slogan’ and is primed to bring the new material to the table.

“Sons of Guns is a four-piece Northwest band that brings together acoustic and electric, rock and poetry, sweaty beats and folk stories. We’ve all seen the dual frontman bit, where two guys share the stage and a rhythm section, taking turns as they back each other up, but Mike Surber and Gregory Rawlins act as a unified songwriting and singing unit, in the same way that Wayne Callahan’s intricate bass lines are a pea in the pod of Jeff Grammer’s merciless drums.”

~Martin Baker, Cold Hard Theories

About the Band

In the summer of 2006, Sons of Guns recorded their first full-length album entitled “Clutch.” Their CD release in 2007 at a show at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle and was smash success, and the band continued to frequent the region’s venues with the likes of Finn Riggins, Blitzen Trapper, Oh No Not Stereo, Tartufi and many others, in between pursuing other creative and musical endeavors.

By mid 2010, Mike and Greg had teamed up with local musicians Jeff Grammer and Wayne Callahan–two former members of Test Audiences who welcomed the prospect of assisting the creation of a forthcoming SOG record in their off-time from Elidila– the duo’s main project.

oregon slogan by sons of gunsOregon Slogan,” the title of the second full-length album by Sons of Guns was recorded in a basement of the Maridell Center in La Grande, OR, from Februrary 23-28th, 2011. Brad Kaminski of Vertigo Studios travelled from Seattle to capture their sound and take it home with him, and by the end of their five-day session, he had 13 tracks in tow. The band had always wanted to avoid the ho-humness of track by track recording, and sought to capture the essence of a live performance on the record as best they could. To do this, they all set up around one another, sticking their amplifiers in separate rooms, then played the songs as they would during a show. The result is an energy and grit yet to be captured in the band’s history, and a string of release dates are underway.

For more info on the band, sample tracks, updates etc – visit their website at or find them on facebook.

Sample Tracks

Olde St. Valentine

Bust Or Bust