Shorts! Shorts! Shorts!

Friday // Beckie's Studio of Dance // 3:00pm & Saturday // Wine Down // 2:30pm

The Shorts! Shorts! Shorts! block is a special opportunity for festival-goers to view some of the best short films curated and submitted to the festival this year. A range of works will be presented, including a special Work In Progress Screening of local director Benjamin Morgan’s latest short (* Saturday only). Ten films in total will be shown.

Please plan to attend this block in it’s entirety, rather than joining late or leaving early.

FIVE SECRETS TO MOM (dir. Dillon Ward) // 2018, USA, 1:57 mins, Experimental
Inspired by a teenager’s online confession on Quora, Five Secrets to Mom is a surreal and darkly comedic short that uses the filmmaker’s actual family photos, Microsoft Paint 95, and an automated voice to tell a story about the comfort and vulnerability in anonymity.

GOLF (dir. Julia Bales) // 2019, USA, 7:20 mins, Fiction
A short film about Golf and sexual harassment.

Adam Piron Short EOFF
GÙTK’ÓD ÀU (dir. Adam Piron) // 2019, USA, 8:24 mins, Experimental
This experimental documentary short combines audio captured from Kiowa Tribe language lessons with breathtaking shots of the Great Plains.

LILAC (dir. Kevin Uskokovic) // 2019, Australia, 16:15 mins, Fiction
After discovering she is pregnant, a Distraught and confused Chloe navigates her way through Melbourne’s inner city looking for support. Only to find that the further she wanders into the night, the darker it becomes.

LUCKY DOG (dir. Sarah Salovaara) // 2019, USA, 11:07 mins, Fiction
A vegan entrepreneur torpedos her life in a desperate attempt to make her dog immortal.

LUKEWARM LIQUIDS (dir. Paul Oh) // 2019, USA, 4:00 mins, Fiction
A young couple experiences tensions surrounding a back scratch. The unreciprocated commitment between the two will lead to a gory end.

The Musicaner at EOFF
THE MUSICIANER (dir. Beth Harrington) // 2019, 24:00 mins, Fiction
Yodelin’ Vern Lockhart is a hillbilly singer with a problem. On the verge of stardom in the late 1920s, he inadvertently has become immortal, a situation he only dimly glimpses. But when he encounters Jo Cullen, a present-day musicologist who’s expert on Vern’s past, he begins to grasp the deal with the devil he’s made. An Americana music saga with a supernatural bent.

What Goes Up Still
WHAT GOES UP (dir. Michael St. Germain) // 2019, USA, 5:13 mins, Fiction
Alex and Casey, on another weekend hike, finally talk about whether they actually enjoy hiking with one another.

WIP Screening at EOFF
WORK IN PROGRESS SCREENING (dir. Benjamin Morgan) // 2019, 07:35 mins , Fiction
This “silent film” tells the story of a woman who receives troubling news about her apathetic boyfriend, which forces her into a critical decision. Director Benjamin Morgan’s unique short film stars local actors Jocelyn Berado and Gregory Rawlins. This is an official EOFF sponsored project.

YOU IDIOT (dir. Kris Ong) // 2019, Singapore, 11:04 mins, Fiction
Darren and Matt write a song about what’s to come in their happy-go-lucky world.