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Hillfolk Noir Supplies Opening Night Soundtrack

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is pleased to announce Boise, Idaho’s Hillfolk Noir as our festival kick off band Thursday, October 20th at the Granada Theater with a little pre-screening Junkerdash — then again as a follow up to the opening night film. Expect to really get cash-swanked as they team up with James Dean Kindle & the Eastern Oregon Playboys (more info to come) to provide the needed rhythm for the first of three after-parties in downtown La Grande, Oregon.

If John Steinbeck owned a speakeasy, Hillfolk Noir would be the house band. — John Doe (X, The Knitters)

Hillfolk Noir EOFF

About the Band

Fronted by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Travis Ward, Boise, Idahoʼs Hillfolk Noir (petometz.com) has been described as a dark, country-tinged, swampy- swinginʼ, hillbilly-delta-blues-ragtime word machine. The band calls it Junkerdash, but no matter the descriptor, youʼll find Hillfolk Noirʼs psychedelic swamp-shack rags equally spooky and toe-tapping.

[box]Hillfolk Noirʼs lineup consists of:

Travis Ward: Resonator guitar, vocals, harmonica, kazoo, words
Mike Waite: Stand-up bass
Jared Goodpastor: Snare, washboard, tambourine, harmonies
Alison Ward: Singing saw, washboard, banjo, harmonies[/box]

Last year the trio (missing Alison:( welcomed the excited opening night crowd at the Granada Theater. After the film they packed the late White House Coffee for a stompin’-drifty house style after party. We look forward to sharing in a great night of music and film with our friends and insanely talented cluster of clang and bang. Check out the bands links below and get to know ’em!

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Pirate Shanty

Pirate Shanty by Hillfolk Noir (MP3)

“You guys sound like Johnny Cash on Robitussin.” — Ryan,Pengillyʼs Saloon bartender