Filmmaker Residency Announces Inaugural Cohort

A graphic promoting a Filmmaker Residency Program in Eastern Oregon

Filmmaker Residency Announces Inaugural Cohort

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is excited to share the selected attendees for the first annual Eastern Oregon Filmmaker Residency Program happening April 30-May 26, 2021 in La Grande. This year’s cohort will be hosted at The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs for the duration of their stay, and will engage with many groups, businesses, and organizations from around the area as they focus on writing screenplays that are informed by their time in our region.

The nearly month-long stay will offer a quiet retreat for our residents, as a means to develop, tune and explore logistics relating to their screenplay and its potential to be produced in Eastern Oregon. “One of the festival’s primary goals has been and will continue to be, building industry interest in our area while nurturing local projects and professionals.” says Festival Director Christopher Jennings. “Over the past 11 years, Eastern Oregon Film Festival has brought more than 100 filmmakers to La Grande for our annual flagship event each October and every one of them has expressed a desire to visit again.” 

The inaugural group of EOFF residents is composed of 4 festival alumni, as well as 2 attendees who are new to the Eastern Oregon scene. Listed below, this year’s cohort brings a variety of professional experience, award winning talent, and unique perspectives that will energize creation and collaboration in the enrichment of these artist’s projects.

Local restaurants and individuals have pledged to “feed a filmmaker” as a fun way for the festival, a 501c3 non-profit, to collect donations and provide per diems to the visitors. Jennings says, “These dollars will roll right back into our community and give these influential guests an easy way to discover local businesses, spend money, and promote economic engagement in our downtown.” To donate to this fund and help achieve the financial goal for this project visit 

Through planned adventures and engagement opportunities, EOFF’s goal is to build a connection between the artists and our community, laying the groundwork for a potential production in the future. Explorations of some of The Grande Ronde Valley’s outstanding locations, both scenic and historic are planned. A public-facing event will be held in the final week of the residency program at HQ, located at 112 Depot Street (EOFF Headquarters). Information on attending the public events and more information about this exciting new program can be found on the EOFF website at or by emailing

Special support and funding for this project has been provided by Union County Cultural Coalition, Roundhouse House Foundation, Oregon Film, and many individuals donations. EOFF thanks them all.

2021 Filmmaker Residency Artists

Alexander Craven Filmmaker in Residence

Alexander Craven

Burbank, CA


Inspired by Akira Kurosawa, Carol Reed, Mike Nichols

A lay of the land, and to find the right locations to write into the movie while doing hands on research and discussing with locals. Also, time to write a great script!

I’m originally from Colorado and enjoy fly fishing. I have a three year old son and visit Oregon three or four times a year.

H. Nelson Tracey Filmmaker in Residence

H. Nelson Tracey

Los Angeles, CA


  • Conspiracy Party (short comedy):
  • Picture Jasper (short documentary):
  • Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story (feature documentary):

Inspired by Ken Russell, Alex Ross Perry, Steve McQueen

I want to turn off all the noise from the outside world I am usually bombarded with, and focus in on writing! Solidifying the habits of a screenwriter, and coming away with pages on pages of material to be produced in Eastern Oregon!

I teach editing and filmmaking of all levels if you ever need a tutor/teacher for a film/video project! I’m also an EOFF alumni, with 2 short films at past festivals. I’m looking forward to returning to La Grande, a place I already have fond memories of and will continue to make more.

Karina Lomelin Ripper Filmmaker in Residence

Karina Lomelin Ripper

Portland, OR


Inspired by Lucrecia Martel, Alfonso Cuarón, Josephine Decker

Looking forward to much solitude and rerooting myself in the beauty that is Eastern Oregon. It’s going to be such a delight to soak in that region and be inspired as I write the pages of my screenplay.

I am well traveled and enjoy exploring, meeting new people and trying foods. My background is in documentary production and I am first-gen Mexican-American, so I can pretty much eat tacos or pizza any night of the week.

Natalie Metzger Filmmaker in Residence

Natalie Metzger

Los Angeles, CA


  • Immortal
  • Alone in the Game
  • Special Blood

Inspired by Denis Villeneuve, Alex Garland, David Fincher

I’ll be coming off of two stressful back-to-back COVID shoots, so I’m hoping for a moment to be able to slow down and focus on my writing.

My background is in experimental dance theater before I got into producing and directing film. I love science, technology, and imagining the future. I also love hiking, playing Bananagrams, and hosting movie or game nights.

Parker Winship Filmmaker in Residence

Parker Winship

Whitewater, WI


Inspired by John Cassavetes, Luis Buñuel, Stan Brakhage (also, a thousand others)

I hope to create a great piece of work, and to join with EOFF, the Eastern Oregon community, and my fellow residents to foster a network that supports us all in our love for art and cinema.

My interests run pretty wide. My first passion is film, but I’m also very enthusiastic about books, music, science, nature, politics, food, and hanging out.

Samantha Crainich Filmmaker in Residence

Samantha Crainich

Los Angeles, CA


  • River (writer/director)
  • White Elephant (Art Director)
  • Life After (Director) 

Inspired by Gaspar Noé, Ari Aster, Greta Gerwig

I hope to gain a sense of re-grounding in my creative process by spending dedicated time outside of the city of Los Angeles to work on developing my feature length ideas. I believe this program will offer me value and insight into working in a less urban environment and prepare me to bring my production to the eastern Oregon landscape. 

I like to think outside of the boxes that are typical of our modern society. I feel as if everyone has a story to tell and that it is my duty to bring as many of those enriching stories to life. I’ve never traveled to Oregon before and I sincerely wish to have a blessed and awakening time there.