Film Submissions

Do you offer submission fee waivers?
No we do not.

Why do you charge an entry fee—it’s about the artists, right?
Absolutely, EOFF was founded by filmmakers and we understand the hustle. But maintaining a festival is an impractical endeavor and oftentimes a labor of love. We’re a tiny non-profit and most of our “staff” volunteer their time and energy out of love for the arts. Submit your film here.

What kinds of films does EOFF screen?
We love all kinds of films, but if you dig through our archives you’ll notice we gravitate toward story-driven narratives: fiction and nonfiction shorts and features. We love works that push the boundaries of form and genre, stories that move and inspire. Sorry, no music videos. Also, we try to screen newer works that haven’t played festivals for more than a year. This is arguably ridiculous, but that’s how we do it.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw my work?
No, we’re sorry about that.

Is it cool if I submit more than one film?
Of course.

You accept dvd screeners, right?
No. Please submit your film via FilmFreeway here

Can I submit if my film is already available online?
Yes, but if we’ve got two works of similar caliber, we’ll most likely program the one that isn’t already online. That said, it’s worth noting EOFF has included online works in its programming since 2009.

What about rough-cut submissions?
Rough-cuts are cool, but please try to have your film as finished as possible before submitting. Also, be sure to note its state of completion in the description and/or thumbnail i.e. ROUGH CUT: Color, Sound Mix to be completed.

Wait, I just saw that EOFF also has an Virtual Showcase?
We introduced the online programming in 2014, and essentially it’s a way for us to highlight more of the films that we love. For the past three years we’ve proudly partnered with Filmmaker Magazine to release these at their website.

In 2020, EOFF equipped itself to deliver the program in full virtually using the Eventive platform. EOFF continues to program at some level for online audiences during the festival.

Can I still submit if I missed the deadline?

Will the festival programmers watch my movie?
Yes. Our volunteer committee will watch your film.

Yes! EOFF is a grass-roots effort to the core and our programmers watch every single submission.

Does EOFF have any premiere requirements?
Not really, but obviously we’d be psyched if you saved your premiere for EOFF. We’ve also done low-key screenings of movies that later “premiere” at bigger festivals.

How will I know if my film has been accepted?
You will be notified via the FilmFreeway notification system at first, and follow up with by our Festival Director.

What exhibition formats does EOFF accept?
Specs will be delivered to Selected Filmmakers via email.

Where should I send my exhibition copies?
Eastern Oregon Film Festival
112 Depot Street
La Grande OR 97850

Does EOFF give out awards?
Yes, ypically it’s an informal, yet enchanting affair… and maybe coupled with a hand-blown goblet from our friend Kevin.

Okay, my film was accepted and I’m coming to La Grande—what does EOFF do for visiting filmmakers?
If you’re able to attend the festival, we can offer you up to TWO all-access festival passes, and lodging as long as you confirm well in advance. You can probably count on some free food and drink tokens, good times, hatchet throwing, and lots of dancing!

My film screened at EOFF last year, do I get a free pass this year if I show up?
Typically No. (2020 Alumni have been invited out and are provided a free festival artist pass, provided confirmation prior to attendance.)

To be transparent, this puts us in an uncomfortable position. We love supporting artists and that’s why we’ve been running EOFF for nearly a decade. However, in reality, we’re a tiny non-profit run by volunteers. If you’re alumni of the festival (read: director, writer, producer, actor, cinematographer—or music alumni) we can offer you one festival pass if available at our discounted early-bird rate. Similarly, we can’t guarantee lodging, but if you give us a shout with enough runway we’re happy to help you figure something out.

I’m a huge deal—you like getting painfully long and obnoxious emails, right?
We welcome inquiries from all filmmakers, but modesty and a concise, friendly message is the best approach in our book.

I still have submission questions, who can help me out?
Email our Festival Director at director@eofilmfest.com


Music Info

Do you accept music submissions?
Not exactly. However, if you want to get our attention send links and info to director@eofilmfest.com

Where do the shows and after-parties happen?
Music and after-parties during EOFF take place at hq.

My band is playing a show at EOFF—where do we crash?
EOFF will work to arrange lodging for all visiting artists: this might be a hotel, AirBnB, or guest bedroom at one of our Member’s homes.

Is a PA provided at hq?
You know it is. View tech specs and stage information at HQ’s website.

When do I load in my gear and sound check this mother?
Please show up at least 2hrs before your performance; sound checks will begin just before you go on.

So, our road manager brought along their girl/boyfriend—do they get a free VIP bracelet as well?
Sorry, but they do not.


Festival Info

When are the festival dates?
EOFF will run October 19-21, 2023.

How can I get involved?
The best way to get involved is to become a member, which includes some sweet festival perks. Check out the Membership page to see which package best suits you. Another way to get involved and support the community is by becoming a festival sponsor. Check out the Sponsorship page for details. Also, we’re ALWAYS in need of Volunteers! Or, If you just want to kick it, watch movies, catch shows, and get loose—you can purchase a festival pass or tickets individually at the box office. Check out the Tickets page for details.

I heard you also accept tax-deductible donations?
Yep, please tell any billionaires you know. You can send to our donation page.


What’s missing from this page?
Let us know: director@eofilmfest.com