Eastern Oregon Film Festival Showcases Films at Hermit Music Festival

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival (EOFF) is excited to bring a diverse and captivating lineup of films to the highly anticipated Hermit Music Festival this Saturday, September 2nd as part of their 9th annual celebration.

Still from Dusty & Stones, DOC NYC Film Festival 2022 – US Competition – World Premiere

Dusty & Stones, a touching documentary chronicling the journey of cousins Gazi “Dusty” Simelane and Linda “Stones” Msibi from the rural valley of Mooihoek, Swaziland, to international recognition in the realm of country music, takes center stage. Their tenacity to create a unique southern African take on the American genre becomes a symbol of artistic dedication and cross-cultural connection.

TV in Bed, directed by Bill Doty, presents a thought-provoking and relatable scenario. Settling into bed for a night of television, a couple’s conversation takes unexpected turns mirroring the quirky nature of the show they are watching. The film masterfully navigates the intricacies of human connection with humor and insight, delivering an unforgettable viewing experience.

Adding another layer of cinematic excellence, Split Rail directed by Christian Lybrook, offers a gripping narrative. The film follows a young woman who escapes an isolated farmhouse, only to return seeking revenge against the mother/son duo who had taken her captive. “Split Rail” explores themes of survival, vengeance, and the complexities of human relationships in the face of adversity. The film’s score was composed by Travis Ward and performed by Travis and Ali Ward.

Join us on Saturday night at the Hermit Festival for an evening of cinematic excellence – films will begin late in the evening. The Eastern Oregon Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing outstanding independent cinema that ignites conversations and fosters connections.

For more details about the festival, screening schedules, and additional information, please visit the official Hermit Festival website.