Camp Wedding

dir. Greg Emetaz
2019, USA, 90:00, Fiction *Filmmaker in Attendance

Mia’s wedding party is not too keen on transforming a dilapidated summer camp into the wedding venue of her dreams–when people begin disappearing in the night, that doesn’t help either…

In the words of the Director – “Camp Wedding is a compound genre movie exploring the fraying social fabric in a world of ubiquitous social media and text communication. It is a wedding comedy that stumbles into a summer camp horror movie and never quite realizes it since the two genres are communicating exclusively via text and social media so the tone doesn’t really get communicated.”

“These days many relationships are maintained exclusively via social media. Events like weddings often bring together old friends who have not actually communicated face to face in decades, even while living in the same city. This one-dimensional way of maintaining relationships often leads to great distortions, resentment, envy and even the termination of the friendship when a simple in person interaction could have produced a ‘frienaissance’.”

“I wanted to explore this phenomenon in a genre movie, because social commentary (especially anything that might seem like moral judgment) is an inherent aspect of the form. Horror movies punish their characters for sins and protect the pious. This often relies on dated definitions of sin, so I strove to create a more nuanced interpretation of the trope and force the characters to communicate honestly and openly in person…or die.”

The Trailer

The Filmmaker

Greg Emetaz – Director/Producer

A filmmaker based in New York City, Greg Emetaz is the director of short films Spell Claire, Get the F K Outta Paris!, Bowes Academy, Death by Omelette (SNCF Prix Du Polar Finalist & Hong Kong Mobile Film Awards Silver Medalist) and music videos “Eating 4 Two” and “Butt Drunk” (Friar’s Club Film festival special Jury Award, iTVfest Best Director Award) co-directed with Amanda DeSimone. He has created the behind-scenes documentaries for Julie Taymor’s The Tempest, Broadway musical Spider-Man Turn off the Dark and numerous productions at New York City Opera and Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. His work as video designer for the stage includes Bel Canto at Chicago Lyric Opera, Dolores Claiborne at San Francisco Opera, An American Soldier, Shalimar the Clown, “27”, Champion, Alice in Wonderland, The Death of Klinghoffer and The Golden Ticket at Opera Theater of Saint Louis, Ajax at American Repertory Theater and Wallace Shawn’s The Music Teacher.