Atomic Mama

There is nothing we love more than having new (and might I add, mind-blowingly swell) music groups getting a taste of La Grande – and in return letting us taste them (maybe that came out poorly). Regardless – Eastern Oregon Film Festival presents yet another act that promises to deliver – 2011 Official Music Selection — Atomic Mama for their West Coast Tour Finale!

“Atomic Mama is a contemporary electronic rock band based out of Boise, ID. Since their inception, Atomic Mama has defined itself as a powerhouse duo for intricate construction of musical chivalry, fusing the wildly popular sounds of tomorrow with the shameless bravado of 1960’s rock and roll, heightened only by the live performance”

-Zach Voss, Filmmaker

About the Band

Atomic Mama at EOFFAtomic Mama arrived on the Boise music scene early in 2011. Spawned from the same creative pool that manifested the likes of Youth Lagoon and Teens, Atomic Mama has a wholly unique sound; synthesized from a lofty combination of organic blues and shamanistic dance beats. It’s equal parts space rock, drugged out garage fuzz, dance floor boogie, and noodle-shaking rock and roll. Imagine a delicious musical stew of Black Keys style riffs, Mos Eisley Cantina band charm, Yeasayer electronic experimentalism, and impenetrable lysergic ambitiousness—lick your lips—and then you might get some idea of the vast territory that this band likes to explore.

The group hatched as a one-off DJ gig for a friend’s keg party, but quickly turned into something more substantial as the two young men that constitute the group – longtime friends Dan Kerr and Jake Warnock – began composing infectious original numbers and developing a distinctive musical chemistry. It wasn’t long before the two ventured onto the stages of Boise’s humble night clubs, armed with guitars, pedals, and keys, and proceeded to tear straight into the hearts and minds of local music fanatics. The Boise Weekly described these happenings as “the early stages of something teetering on the edge of greatness.”

Compelled by this initial success, Atomic Mama intends to deliver its musical offerings across state lines. Provided the necessary fuel, the duo will journey throughout the West Coast this Fall in a pimped out yellow school bus. After making the rounds, the band will put out its first official release, an EP titled [ ], on October 25.

Sample Track

13 Psychocillin Robo-Boogie

“Psychocillin Robo-Boogie”


Check out their recent kickstarter campaign to fuel their West Coast Tour!