After-party #2 w/ ABRONIA

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival is excited to announce the addition of Portland-based band Abronia to its lineup, bringing an electrifying night of music and community spirit. Following a day of captivating films, festival-goers can unwind and connect at HQ with Abronia’s exceptional performance.

Abronia, a six-member band from Portland, will take the stage as the headliner for the Friday Night Festival After-party at HQ. With an impressive lineup of instruments, including two guitars, pedal steel, tenor saxophone, bass, and a commanding drum, Abronia promises an enthralling experience.

As the sun sets over La Grande, Abronia’s music will create an immersive atmosphere, offering festival-goers and artists a chance to come together and enjoy the moment. Their genre-blending compositions align perfectly with the festival’s spirit of connections and shared experiences.

“Fusing cinema and music, Abronia’s performance adds a dynamic layer to our festival’s essence,” says Christopher Jennings, Festival Director. “It’s a energetic and fun way to unwind after a day of cinematic exploration.”

Pass holders can secure their tickets in advance, while standalone tickets will be available at the door, subject to availability.

Experience the fusion of film and music at HQ, as Abronia’s captivating tunes resonate through the festival’s atmosphere, creating lasting memories and connections.

Pass holders can reserve tickets now, standalone tickets available at the door if available.

Festival hq
112 Depot Street
La Grande, Oregon
October 20, 2023, 9:30 – 11:59 PM PDT