2016 Award Winners


Eastern Oregon Film Festival enjoyed three days in La Grande, OR with visiting filmmakers, industry guests, musicians, friends and family. With its focus on contemporary cinema, the program highlighted over 30 independent films that showcased diverse forms and genres. 14 Q&As with internationally recognized filmmakers—hailing from New York, Miami, Portland,and more—were enjoyed by community members. In addition to three days of screenings, EOFF hosted nightly decompression parties with live music and social gatherings.

Eastern Oregon Film Festival 2016 Award Winners (Listed Alphabetically)

Audience Favs

ALWAYS SHINE (dir. Sophia Takal)

MAN UNDERGROUND (dir. Samantha Marine, Michael Borowiec)


Best Short

BONIATO (dir. Andres Meza-Valdes, Diego Meza-Valdes, Eric Mainade)

Underdog Award a.k.a. Does More with Less Award

WHAT’S REVENGE (dir. Kat Hunt)

Disclaimer: “The awards process is an informal one, wherein nominations are made by the EOFF team. Decisions for ‘Audience Favs’ are an approximation based on word of mouth, lobby conversations and general theatre vibes. We did our best. Thanks again for being part of #EOFF2016!” – Ian Clark, EOFF Program Director

EOFF looks forward to continuing its mission to bring excellence in independent cinema and music to the region next year and into the future as the organization moves to landing at the Historic Liberty Theatre upon its restoration.

Images by Matthew Wordell