Pigeon Kings

Pigeon Kings explores the subculture of men in South Central LA who train pigeons for the competitive sport of avian acrobatics.

Pigeon Kings takes us through the backyards of South Central Los Angeles, where men are devoted to tumbling pigeons. We watch as enthusiasts breed and train their birds for the Birmingham Roller Pigeon World Cup, where birds must fly together and somersault in unison, like a flock of synchronized swimmers in the sky.

Keith London is the focus of our story. The lives of other Roller fanciers, such as Jaime and Choo Choo, are interwoven throughout his journey. We learn that the pigeons provide the birdmen with a community and a sense of hope. As long as they have their birds, nothing will stop these men from pushing forward.

The Trailer

The Filmmakers

Milena Pastreich – Director/Producer/Cinematographer

Milena Pastreich is a Los Angeles-based director and cinematographer. She received the UCLA Spotlight Award for her short film I Feel Stupid. She is the cinematographer of Below Dreams and The Ballad of Finn + Yeti. Pigeon Kings is her directorial feature documentary debut.