Within the multi-instrumentalism den of Jeff Grammer and steaming from the songwriting factory of Gregory Rawlins fashions a new fashion—both state of the art and rusted shut. It’s Future Rust! No, wait, it’s Catskills! Catskills will premiere their collective talons at Ten Depot Street, February, 28th as part of EOFF2013’s opening night after-party. And why shouldn’t you miss this event? Prrrrrrrrrrrr… because the gents partly responsible for such outfits as Sons of Guns, Correspondence School, Elidila, Test Audiences, City of Animals and Black Bottle Trio have been discussing the ethics of punk rock, taking sojourns to 1967 in ukulele schooners whilst preparing sea shanties for the onslaught of the Final Rains. Pure and trippy as a mountain fairyslipper, where tie-dyed bluegrass speckles strawberry fields, Catskills at last becomes visible… but by then it is too late—you got pounced.