Catch Lionsweb along with The Dirty Moogs & AND AND AND for the final after-party of EOFF2013 and part of the Treefort Music Fest Showcase.

About the Musician

You see her, a thin, flaxen-haired young woman readying herself for an intimate performance. In your head you hear her voice before she begins: hushed, wispy, delicate. But you are wrong.


She eschews the stage and brings the music to the floor. And what comes forth are full-throated, haunting exhortations – a forceful voice made more forceful as she cups her hands around her mouth for amplification. Now you are stunned. You remain stunned as she effortlessly moves from a cappella numbers to soul-wrenching testimonials accompanied by herself on guitar or piano, her playing insistent and hypnotic. Through the set, friends may augment her sound with some clarinet or singing saw. At the end, she’ll encourage you to join in as a member of a makeshift choir. If you can shake yourself from her spell for long enough, you’ll join.

Influenced by her grandmother, Alabama native Bronwyn Leslie has long felt the power of song and how its power magnifies when shared. Always active with local musicians, artists, dancers, and actors in their endeavors, Leslie is proud to present her craft, these psalms of life’s beauty and despair, to the very community that has inspired her. This isn’t folk music. This is Lionsweb.

After the concert, Beach House ticket-holders funneled into The Crux for an afterparty with Boise’s Hot Lava, Portland, Ore.’s Wooden Indian Burial Ground and the lovely Lionsweb. Comprised of Boise’s Bronwyn Leslie, Lionsweb quieted the packed coffeehouse by launching into a folksy, a cappella number with a crowd of rapt listeners wrapped around her. She made her way to a piano, where she belted out the remainder of her lilting, yet powerfully soulful tracks. This lady is one to keep your eye on.” / Tara Morgan, Boise Weekly