Festival-goers will be taken on a journey with this year’s film program. Opening night explores Milena Pastreich’s PIGEON KINGS, which documents a group of men in South Central LA who train pigeons for the competitive sport of Avian Acrobatics. Also, screening is Taryn Southern and Elena Gaby’s sci-fi documentary exploring the co-evolution of humans and technology in I AM HUMAN. Closing out the festival will be Adam Khalil and Bayley Sweitzer’s haunting and inspiringly imaginative EMPTY METAL. From short to mid to feature-length in the narrative, documentary and experimental – this year’s program will surely resonate.

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  • Pigeon Kings - dir. Milena Pastreich
    2019, USA, 81:00, Nonfiction *Filmmaker in Attendance
  • Pariah Dog - dir. Jesse Alk
    2019, USA, 76:57, Nonfiction
  • Leave The Bus Through The Broken Window - dir. Andrew Hevia
    2019, USA, 01:08:32, Nonfiction *Editor in Attendance
  • I Am Human - dir. Taryn Southern, Elena Gaby
    2019, USA, 90:00, Nonfiction * Filmmaker in Attendance
  • General Magic - dir. Sarah Kerruish & Matt Maude
    2018, USA, 92:00, Nonfiction
  • Empty Metal - dir. Adam Khalil & Bayley Sweitzer
    2018, USA, 85:00, Fiction
  • Danny - dir. Aaron Zeghers & Lewis Bennett
    2019, USA, 50:28, Nonfiction *Filmmaker in Attendance
  • Clementine - dir. Lara Jean Gallagher
    2019, USA, 86:00, Fiction